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Summer Construction Season in Focus-Personal Protective Equipment

Author : Date : 8/30/2016 10:36:16 PM
 Summer coming means construction revs up across much of
the country, with workers facing the attendant hazards
of falls from height, noise exposure, hand and foot hazards,
and more.

Now that almost all of us have all "sprung forward" for
this year, turning our clocks ahead as daylight saving
time has taken effect
(except for most of Arizona and all of Hawaii),
it's time to focus on the long list of summer hazards facing construction workers. There are resources aplenty to help
any safety professional put together a toolbox talk on any
of them—heat, noise, working at heights, mobile equipment,
chemical exposures, hand and foot hazards, and many others.

Some tips:
*Adjust work schedules to provide workers with rest from the heat.
*Postpone nonessential tasks.
*Provide cool rest areas, shade, and water for workers.
*Wear proper protective clothing.
*Ensure workers drink enough water to stay hydrated.
*Allow workers time to acclimate to the hot environment.
*Educate workers and supervisors to recognize heat illness and how to prevent it
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